A collaboratory to sense and model ecological change in the Kansas River Basin

This project addressed one of the grand challenges of the 21st century—evaluating, modeling and forecasting the biological and ecological consequences of accelerating global changes. These global change phenomena are critical for grasslands, an ecosystem of worldwide importance that provides resources and services to human societies worldwide, and an area of particular significance to the Kansas and regional economy.

This site is now being used to host the SCALER project, and Ecological Forecasting content is not longer being maintained.

Go here for the NSF Macrosystems Scale, Consumers and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER) Project.

Responses to the Challenge

Establish a research collaboratory across disciplinary domains and institutions: ideas, people, tools

  • Biodiversity, biogeochemistry, hydrology, aquatic systems, climate/landuse/ landcover/social systems, cyberinferastructure, informatics, modeling
  • Establish research infrastructure: people, sensors, data transmission, web servers, etc.
  • Collect/capture existing biotic, environmental, social data in common, interoperable framework for analysis
  • Develop first generation predictive models for testing and to develop future research
  • Joint Center for Ecological Forecasting: KU, KSU, FHSU