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Department Head Resources

Seminars, Training and Workshops

New Department Head Orientation

The Department Head Orientation program is design to provide an opportunity for new department heads at K-State to gather on a regular basis to discuss pertinent topics, to interact with one another, and to meet new people.


Watch this page for information about workshops on topics of interest to department heads.

Fiscal Training

Training is available for you, your staff, and your faculty to learn about relevant fiscal policies and procedures.

Research Compliance

Learn how to be in compliance with regulations related to international students and faculty, international travel by faculty, and contacts with colleagues in other countries.

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) promotes initiatives to enhance teaching and learning at K-State, including the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence and the Peer Review of Teaching Program. TLC consults and collaborates with faculty, and administers TEVAL and IDEA student ratings systems. Principles of College Teaching, a 3-credit course, is offered to graduate students and faculty through the College of Education.

Lecture Series

Landon Lecture Series
Provost's Lecture Series
Provost's Lectures on Excellence in Scholarship
Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lectures
Lou Douglas Lecture Series
Vernon Larson International Luncheon Series Lecture Series