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Student Policies & Guidelines

Guidelines for Student Conduct

These guidelines are intended to supplement existing University policies and to suggest alternative methods of addressing student conduct in the classroom setting and in online courses or discussions

Course Accessibility Policy

Federal law requires that Universities provide equal educational opportunities for all students, including students with disabilities. This Course Accessibility Standards Policy provides guidance for ensuring that all course delivery methods utilizing technology (eLearning) are accessible to student with disabilities.

Student Access Center

Student Access Center appreciates disability as an integral part of the K-State University experience. We are committed to providing equal access and opportunity to all campus programs and services for students with disabilities.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides direct support and services to students, advocates for students in a variety of settings, connects students with accurate referrals for academic and personal problems, coordinates the university response to campus and student crises, monitors the campus environment and safety issues, and administers and advises the student judicial program.

Student Records (FERPA)

Faculty and staff members play a key role in the protection and integrity of student records. It is incumbent upon them to maintain, report and make available information included in student educational records in compliance with the requirements of FERPA(Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended)

Racial/Ethnic Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

When Students Need Counseling Services

You work closely with students to educate them and help them grow as future professionals, future contributors to the world. At times you notice students who may be struggling in their studies, in their life. At times you may be concerned about how a student is reacting in a class. And as a caring professional, you wonder what you can do to help.

Responding to Emergency or Crisis Situations Involving Students

There may be times when you feel urgent action is needed or you need assistance with a student problem. It is important that we respond quickly in a sensitive and caring manner in times of unexpected student or family crisis. For the past several years, the Office of Student Life has coordinated the University response in situations involving death, serious injury, or sudden illness of students and provided assistance to students in times of family crisis.

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