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Contact Us


College of Agriculture

Kate Taylor, Student Programs Coordinator

Email: kat0807@ksu.edu 

Phone: (785) 532-2631


Jennifer Bormann, Assistant Dean


Phone: (785) 532-6151


College of Architecture, Planning, and Design


Lisa Shubert, Assistant To The Dean

E-mail: lisash@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-5950


College of Arts & Sciences


Becky O'Donnell

Email: bodonnel@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-6900


College of Business Administration


Alice Niedfeldt, Student Programs Coordinator

Email: alicen@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-6180


Dr. Roger McHaney, Professor, Management

Email: mchaney@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-7479


Dr. Terry Mason, Associate Professor, Accounting

Email: twmason@ksu.edu

Phone: (785) 532-6185


College of Education


Di Murphy, Licensing Office/Advisor

Email: dim@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-5524


Brad Burenheide, Associate Professor

Email: bburen@k-state.edu


Carl R. Ice College of Engineering


Jamie Clark, Student Programs Coordinator

Email: jamieclark@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-5457


Andy Fund, Asst. Dean for Student Services

Email: andyfund@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-5592



Faculty Senate Academic Affairs


Andy Bennett, Co-Chair

Email: bennett@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 432-0559


Brandon Kliewer, Associate Professor and Co-Chair

Email: bkliewer@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-6085


Candace LaBerge, Administrative Specialist

E-mail: candaceb@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-6053


Graduate School


Timon Smock, Office Specialist III

117 Eisenhower Hall

Email: tmsmock@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-7927



College of Health and Human Sciences


Marqueleta Wall, Academic Records Specialist

Email: mwall@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-5500


Bronwyn S. Fees, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Email: fees@k-state.edu

Phone: (785) 532-5500


Kansas State Aerospace & Technology Campus


Kelli Witte, Office Specialist IV

E-mail: kcwitte@k-state.edu


Kansas State University Olathe Campus


Caelee Lehman, Academic Program Coordinator, KSO

Email: clehma@k-state.edu

Phone: (913) 307-7320


Office of the Registrar

Robert Bailey, Academic Technology, Curriculog Administrator
Email: curriculog@k-state.edu


Shannon Castleberry, Assistant Registrar - Academic Technology
Email: curriculog@k-state.edu


Charlotte Pfaff, Associate Registrar, Academic Technology


Staley School of Leadership Studies


Trisha Gott, Associate Director

Email: tcgott@ksu.edu

Phone: (785) 532-6085


College of Veterinary Medicine


Taylor Richter, Student Programs Coordinator

Email: trichte@ksu.edu

Phone: (785) 532-4000