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FAQs on the Curriculum Process


What is the “Standard” routing process?

Standard proposals go through the full course/curriculum processes for approval and can be modified at any stage, by the procedures of the voting body at that stage. {K-State ARN Manual – pg.10}


What is the “Expedited” routing process?

Expedited proposals go through the following steps for approval: Department Faculty; College course/curriculum committee; Graduate Council – both GCAAC and GC vote on the proposal; FSAAC.

 However, at any time prior to approval, a faculty senator may request to the chair of FSAAC that an expedited proposal be changed to a standard proposal. Such a request is always honored. Any bodies that have approved the proposal do not need to reapprove the proposal. {K-State ARN Manual – pg. 11}


What makes a course proposal “expedited”?

A course proposal is expedited if all the following are true: {K-State ARN Manual – pg. 11}

  • The proposal is a course change or drop (course additions cannot be expedited).
  • The change does not impact an academic unit outside of the proposing college or school.
  • The course meets one of the following criteria
    • It is not part of any curriculum offered outside of the proposing college or school. This is verified by running the impact report and including it with the proposal.
    • It is part of curriculum, but only among a list of numerous other options (technical, free, unrestricted, humanities, etc. electives).
  • Students from outside of the proposing college rarely enroll in the course.
  • The change involves renumbering, renaming or changing course descriptions due to changes in current practices or terminology in the discipline.
  • The course proposal does not add, change, or remove a K-State 8 tag from an existing course. However, dropping a course can be an expedited process, even if the course has K-State 8 tags.
  • The course proposal does not combine two or more courses that result in dropping one of the course numbers.


What makes a curriculum proposal “expedited”?

{K-State ARN Manual – pg. 12}

A curriculum proposal may use the expedited process if all the following are true:

  • The proposal is a change.
  • The proposal does not add or discontinue a curriculum or sub-curriculum (option, track, specialization, etc.).
  • The required total number of credit hours for completion of a program is not changing.
  • The proposal does not impact another unit outside of the college.
  • This proposal does not add or delete a course(s) that impacts enrollment of courses outside the college.
  • There is no addition of course(s) outside the college which were not previously required.
  • The degree name is not changing.
  • This proposal is not a substantial re-write of a curriculum.


How long does it take for Standard and Expedited changes to courses to show up in catalog?

In order to ensure that any change to courses and programs will pull into the university catalog they must be approved by the Catalog Deadlines Dates - regardless if expedited or standard processes.