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FAQs: Curriculum


What is an Interdisciplinary Program?

{K-State ARN Manual – pg. 14}

An interdisciplinary program combines two or more traditional academic courses of study into a more personalized plan/major.  These programs are designed to teach the students to explore the relationship among concepts and solve complex problems from more than one perspective.

Interdisciplinary programs can include certificate programs, secondary majors, or degree programs.


What is a curriculum?

{K-State ARN Manual – pg. 29}

A curriculum consists of the course requirements for a student to receive an academic credential, such as undergraduate degree, graduate degree, certificate, or minor from K-State.

Curricula should clearly describe the minimum requirements for an individual to achieve the degree. An individual should be able to understand all the requirements to earn the academic credential from reading the curriculum contained in the K-State Catalog. The best curricula do not need an advisor to act as an interpreter, but the advisor helps the students select an appropriate method to complete the requirements for the academic credential.


What is an Impacted Unit?

{K-State ARN Manual – pg. 44}

The initiating unit must attempt to determine all impacted units and to contact them directly. The proposing unit should recognize that the impact may not only be limited to academic units. Such offices as the Graduate School, Libraries, IT services, K-State Online may need to be contacted if there is going to be an impact. Additionally, if a program is requiring something beyond the standard admissions procedures, the Admissions Office should be contacted. For new programs, these offices should be contacted early so that preparations can begin to be made to have a successful launch of the program.


Why do we need to be concerned about an Impacted Unit?

{K-State ARN Manual – pg. 44}

Adding, dropping or changing curriculum requirements can have a dramatic impact upon the university. The academic unit making the proposal must contact all potentially impacted units. Contacting these departments early in the process can increase collaboration, avoid disagreements and create stronger degrees.