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Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

Slate Implementation

Kansas State University is implementing an enterprise-wide CRM, Slate, to support the business functions of all colleges, departments, and campuses to foster a long-term relationship with students by tracking touchpoints and through improved communication. The CRM will manage domestic and international, undergraduate and graduate, and online students.

Slate follows a "train-the-trainer" implementation model. A core team from each institution—the Slate Captains—will attend Fundamentals of Slate online training and ultimately oversee the project for K-State.  The Slate Captains will actively take responsibility for creating sustainable business processes within Slate and provide training to other users within the office. 

These captains oversee recruitment, application processing, marketing and communications in Enrollment Management, Office of Admissions, Graduate School, Salina and Olathe campuses.

Slate Captains:

Sara Blankley

Undergraduate Application

Holly Gerke


Courtney Hallenback


Joe Horan

Graduate Admissions

Scott Schlender

Graduate Admissions 

Alexis Bestwick

Marketing and Communications

Slate Implementation Timeline:

January 2022: Slate Captain Training

February- August 1, 2022: Begin implementation for undergraduate application for admission.

September 2022: Begin implementation for undergraduate recruitment  and communications university wide.

TBD: Graduate recruitment and application kick-off  (will in coordination with graduate coordinators).

The members of the Reporting Group will focus on establishing a structure for extracting data from the CRM for reports. Topics may include best practices for access to information related to students across the lifecycle (Search, Pre-applicant, Applicant, Admit, Committed, Enrolled) for relevant units. The group may address the needs of units for annual reports, grant applications, and other reporting needs. The group may discuss a way to measure the successful implementation/adoption of the CRM across the enterprise. Natural connections exist between the work of the data, communications, documents, events, and forms groups.

Bryon Williams*Reporting
Robert AutenReporting
Daniel CarrReporting
Kimathi ChomaReporting
Logan GaubyReporting
Nicole HamlerReporting
Tanya McGeeReporting

* indicates the group lead