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Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)


How can I look up a student?

The global search field in the CRM is robust. Depending upon your work role, you can search by student name, KSIS ID, WID, email, school, etc. The system will display all possible results, regardless of the object and where the data is stored.

Can I email and individual student or group of students?

Depending upon your work role, you may be able to email students one-on-one or as a group. Outgoing and incoming emails can be logged in the CRM to facilitate timely and relevant communication.

How can I see if a student was sent an interaction email or campaign email?

You can view email interactions on the student record in the activity section, including when the email was opened.

Can I check to see if a student was invited to an event?

Depending upon your work role, you may have the ability to view event history on the student record.

What information is located in the Tabs?

Tabs are quick links to pages or features. The tabs you see will be dependent upon your work role and the things you do on a daily basis. You can expect to see lists, records, and reports that are most relevant to your work.

How do the field names in the new CRM compare to those in Talisma?

Field names between Talisma and the new CRM are comparable. Look for the Hover Tips on field names for detailed information.

How do I create a filter (report) to search for a group of student records?

You can create a variety of helpful list views to group student records. List views are available on any object. You can clone, create, and save multiple lists with different filter criteria and manage the fields you want to display. It is recommended to start with a custom list view within an object and apply filter criteria. Reporting is a more complex feature in the system, and the ability to create and edit may not be available to all users. Access to this feature will be determined based on functional roles and completion of advanced training.

What does it mean to "clone" a list?

Cloning a list view allows you to create a copy of the data fields and filters in that list. Each time you refresh that list view, the data is dynamically updated.

Can I export from a list view?

At this time, exporting from a list view is not available. Reporting is an advanced feature that allows you to view fields on multiple objects and export.

Does the CRM have templated responses?

You can use shared public templates or create your own templates to include your signature block, answer frequently asked questions, and direct people to appropriate resources.

Who can update the data in the CRM?

The governance team will determine what work roles can update information within the CRM. The system provides an audit trail of changes.

Does the new CRM have Interactions?

The new CRM system functionality is currently being reviewed.

How often is the CRM data updated?

Data from KSIS is updated daily, and test scores are updated weekly. As we continue to progress with business analysis, information requests will be as they are submitted.