Reopening Phaseout

Effective Aug. 1, 2021.

Prerequisites for advancing to Phaseout

  1. Vaccine available or therapeutic options that can be used for preventive or treatment indications and that have a measurable impact on disease activity and can help rescue very sick patients.
  2. State of Kansas continues to lift "safer at home" orders.
  3. Local indicators of infection spread show stable or decreasing community transmission.
  4. Clusters of cases are promptly identified and contained and do not spread to the community.
  5. Health care and public health systems can cope with the volume of current and potential cases.

Criteria in Phaseout

  • The university reverts to pre-pandemic operations while continuing a few health and safety protocols.
  • Employees return to campus to support the in-person experience we are offering.
  • The academic calendar returns to a more traditional structure.
  • A majority of classes return to in-person/hybrid.
  • Physical distancing requirements are removed and the university returns to pre-pandemic room capacities and in-person experiences and gatherings.
  • Residence halls are at regular capacity and dining center restrictions are lifted.
  • Travel restrictions are lifted.