Status of Operations

Guiding principles

The university plan is based on five guiding principles:

  • Preserve the health and safety of K-State's university community and our host communities.
  • Maintain and deliver our land-grant mission through teaching, research and extension/outreach.
  • Preserve and maintain university operations necessary to support mission-critical activities during reduced operations status.
  • Preserve the financial capacity of the university to deliver mission-critical activities for the long-term fiscal health of the university.
  • Honor K-State's unique culture. Students, faculty and staff are at the heart of this university.

Indicators for university operations

K-State uses several indicators to understand how COVID-19 is affecting the university and local community. These indicators help determine if and when changes to the university’s operating status are necessary for the health and safety of the community, while continuing to advance the university’s mission. Data for each topic and indicator is collected and analyzed multiple times per week to provide updated information so leadership can make proactive decisions as quickly as possible.

Below is a closer look at the type of data that the university is collecting and reviewing.

Additional data sources

The university has consulted several additional sources and experts in the development and monitoring of key operational indicators, including: