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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Updates

COVID-19 | Preparations for the Olathe Campus 

K-State's Olathe campus taking contingencies as the COVID-19 situation unfolds around the U.S. The goal is to protect the health and safety of everyone at the Olathe campus and in our communities.

Updated information will be provided as it becomes available.  



  • As the university has moved to limited operations, the building is now locked. Key card access no longer works. This is in compliance with the Johnson County lockdown, which began March 24. 

  • Classes will not be offered on campus and faculty and staff will be working from home during this time.

  • The campus plans to maintain its limited operations status through the end of the semester, based on the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly. It also will follow the guidance regarding events and mass gatherings for the next eight weeks. 



Student Information 

  • Classes are now taught remotely — not in person — until further notice. Students who attend classes on campus should instead plan to use Zoom. Please note that when using the mobile app, using computer or device audio versus the "dial by your location" option is perferable. 

  • Students will be given one week's notice before in-person classes resume, per Kansas Board of Regents guidance. 

  • All proctoring services at K-State Olathe are suspended until further notice. Students and faculty members should communicate directly to find alternate solutions. Online exam services are available through Examity.

Technology/Resources for remote learning


Additional information

Students with questions should contact: 

Student Services

Technical support

If you need help with Zoom, please contact:

Technical Support



Faculty Information

  • Classes are to be taught remotely — not in person — until further notice.

  • One week notice will be given before in-person classes resume, per Kansas Board of Regents guidance.


  • Download the Olathe faculty resources checklist (pdf) for detailed information about preparing to lead remote learning classes. 

  • The K-State Keep Teaching website is updated daily with additional resources and practical tools and advice. Virtual meetings will be scheduled to provide overall guidance by course type (e.g., lecture, lab) and these will be recorded and made available on the website.

  • Global Campus staff have created an online community called Keep Teaching: Resources for Higher Ed to network with K-State and other educators across the globe as we quickly deploy strategies to continue our teaching and our students' learning.

For specific questions about academics, please contact:

Becky Stuteville
Assistant Dean of Academic Support Services


  • If faculty plan to use classroom technology for teaching and/or recording content for Canvas course(s), IT staff will be available for support/assistance. Please note that when using the mobile app, using computer or device audio versus the "dial by your location" option is perferable.

For additional questions about technology, please contact:

Technical Support



Employee Information

Working from home
  • Employees are work remotely or telecommuting should do so immediately, until further notice. Refer to the university's employee information page for more details. Employees will continue to be paid during this time.


If you have Olathe specific questions, please contact: 

Roberta Robinson
Manager of Human Resources


  • On March 14, the university discontinued all university-affiliated or sponsored domestic and international business-related travel for both employees and students. Business-related travel in and around Kansas is excluded from this restriction, at this time. Additionally, please do not make new plans for business travel until further notice. Refer to the university's travel information page for more details.


Technology/Remote Access
  • Employees who work from home should use one of the university's approved Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to securely access campus resources, such as the W: drive, remotely over the Internet. 

If you have questions about technology, please contact:

Technical Support
913-307-7420 (Eric)
913-307-7359 (Nate)


Research Operations

  • Limited campus operations also means reduced research activities.

  • The Sensory and Consumer Research Center is not holding any studies.

  • The Food Innovation Accelerator and its kitchens also are closed.




Community Events/Activities

Professional Development Activities
  • All professional development events scheduled are postponed until further notice. 

Community Events

To protect community health during the COVID-19 epidemic, Kansas State University is canceling in-person events at all campuses until further notice.

Also, all in-person meetings should be moved to virtual environments or canceled. If in-person meetings are unavoidable to maintain mission-critical functions, proper social distancing guidelines should be followed. These guidelines are in effect until further notice.

Social distancing has been shown to slow a disease outbreak during times of concern with pandemics. The university offers several resources and tools for virtual meetings, including Zoom, K-State Canvas, Mediasite, and Office 365. The university is making plans to further reduce operations on the physical campuses.

This pertains to the following upcoming events: