Options for high-risk employees who cannot work remotely


To reduce individual and community risk and de-density our campuses, employees who can work remotely should continue to work remotely, regardless of their at-risk status. These arrangements can be made directly with their supervisors. 

Employees whose job duties cannot be performed remotely and who are 65 or older and/or have underlying conditions that place them at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19, or who have at-risk household members, may visit with their supervisors to determine their options for accommodation in the workplace or for taking accrued leave and/or leave without pay. 

Medical documentation may be required from the employee to demonstrate the need for these accommodations. 

The accommodations provided under this policy are separate and distinct from any reasonable accommodations that may be legally required under state and federal disability laws. The process and options outlined are in response to the pandemic circumstances and go beyond what is required under those applicable laws. Employees who wish to request a reasonable accommodation for a disability should contact the ADA Coordinator and follow the reasonable accommodation process.

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