Information for employees

All Kansas State University campuses are limiting operations to mitigate any further spread of COVID-19 in the state. Leadership will continue to evaluate as the situation evolves and issue further guidance. Please watch K-State Today and the webpage for updates on this fluid situation. In addition, read a list of frequently asked questions

General resources 

  • Employees experiencing financial hardships because of COVID-19 furloughs may apply for grant funds up to $700 through the #KStateStrong Emergency Response Fund
  • Mission critical employees will be identified by unit director. These employees will report to campus. In all situations, proper social distancing guidelines should be followed.
  • Visit the travel advisories page for details on university-associated travel.
  • Human Capital Services has compiled links to several trainings to assist supervisors and employees through this period of remote work. Trainings include topics like time management when working from home, managing at a distance, leading virtual teams and more.

Resources for teaching and advising

Department heads and supervisors 

  • If an employee can continue to fulfill duties by working remotely, please let them do so.
  • Unit heads have identified mission critical  functions or services that require people to report to campus. Supervisors and department heads should notify and communicate with these employees to let them know if they are expected to be on campus.  In all situations, proper social distancing guidelines must be followed.

Managing employees and faculty while working remotely

As the supervisor or department head, you have the responsibility to support faculty/employees through the current coronavirus situation. Below are some resources and best practices to assist with this transition. 

Managing best practices

  • Use this guide for information managing employees and faculty remotely (PDF).
  • Utilize Zoom or other video conferencing technologies for committee and other meetings.
  • When working remotely, please consider the following:
    • Remote teaching can take many forms for faculty. It is expected that most will operate from home or an alternate location. If faculty utilize asynchronous technologies, faculty may be working across many hours of the day. It is important to communicate with faculty how they will be conducting their teaching and research work.   
    • Employees and supervisors should be in regular contact during this time about the work, productivity, problems experienced and other concerns.
    • K-State has strict policies regarding access to sensitive data. No one should take sensitive data to their home or any other off-campus facility.  This includes hard copies, flash drives, personal laptops or other technologies.  
    • Employment guidelines regarding exempt and non-exempt employees include:
      • Telecommuting is possible for employees whose job duties are conducive to working from home, regardless of their Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status as either non-exempt or exempt (from overtime).
      • Non-exempt employees should utilize official timekeeping systems and all hours worked must be recorded and compensated. Overtime is not recommended for non-exempt employees working remotely.

Managing resources

Cultivating a positive culture in a remote environment

As supervisors communicate and support their employees through the current coronavirus situation, it is important to exercise leadership through cultivating a positive culture. If you have further questions or need support through supporting your employees, please contact Human Capital Services at

Guidance for business managers

The Division of Financial Services is regularly updating information on the business continuity planning website. Questions? Visit their contact page.

Guidance for keeping data secure

Confidential or proprietary data should be secured at all times and not taken to remote work locations. Loss or sharing of confidential or proprietary data is considered a security breach.
If imaging documents is part of your duties, please ask your supervisor to work with your dean or cabinet member to have your work identified as mission critical. For more information, refer to university data policies

Guidance from the Office of General Counsel

Visit the Office of General Counsel FAQ webpage for a compiled a list of COVID-19 related legal topics and resources.