Goal-Oriented Individual Therapy

CAPS provides flexible, culturally-informed services, in an atmosphere welcoming diversity in culture, sexuality, gender, religion and other identity factors. We support K-State Safe Zone.

All eligible students can get up to 8 goal-oriented individual therapy sessions per semester. There is no limit to group therapy or workshop participation. Individual therapy is provided to address emotional, relationship, or other mental health concerns that interfere with academic or personal effectiveness. Group therapy is often recommended as the preferred mode of treatment, particularly for relational concerns. Some of the concerns that are commonly addressed in individual therapy at CAPS are:

  • Help with immediate crisis situations or distress
  • Moderate to severe depression
  • Moderate to severe anxiety
  • Suicidality
  • Adjustment to the university or culture
  • Relationship concerns (friends, family, roommates, romantic partnerships)
  • Identity concerns (sexual, racial/ethnic, religious, gender, etc.)
  • Life transitions
  • Sexual assault
  • Grief

Most students’ needs are met in four appointments. Referrals to community therapists are provided for consistent, weekly therapy sessions as well as longer-term or specialty care.