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Counseling and Psychological Services

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Kansas State University
Counseling and Psychological Services
1105 Sunset Ave, Rm 101
Manhattan, KS 66502

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866-793-8010 (fax)

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Responding to the Sexual Assault of Another Person

If  someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, you may not know how to help.  Here are some questions you can ask to direct your response:

  • Is this person safe?
    • K-State Police:  532-6412; Riley County Police: 537-2112
    • Emergency Shelter: The Crisis Center: 1-800-727-2785; Manhattan: 539-2785
  • Does this person need medical attention?
    • Lafene Health Center: 532-6544; Women’s Clinic, 532-6554
    • Mercy Hospital Emergency Room, 1823 College Ave., 776-3322
  • Does this person know where to find counseling, support, or a personal advocate?
    • K-State Counseling Services: 532-6927, www.ksu.edu/counseling
    • K-State Center for Advocacy,Response, and Education: 206 Holton Hall, 532-6444
    • K-State Student Attorney: 532-6541
  • If a student, who can help with academic issues?
    • K-State Office of Student Life, 532-6432

Responding to the Sexual Assault of Another Person (pdf)