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Counseling Services

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Kansas State University
Counseling Services
1105 Sunset Ave, Rm 101
Manhattan, KS 66502

Monday - Friday:  8am-5pm

785-532-3932 (fax)

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College is a time full of adjustments. Whether you are adjusting to a new town, new schedule, or even adjusting to the "real world" after graduation. On this page you will find resources for a number of adjustments that students often face.

New to Town
Quarter Life Crisis
Stages of Change
Student Concerns by Month
What will I do with my life?

From High School to College

Caring for Yourself
How is College Different from High School
Taking an Online Class
Tips for Freshmen Before They Arrive at the Campus


K-State Parents and Family Association
Leaving for College is Tough on Parents
Listen Up, Parents

Parent's Perspective:  A video Series

Changes at Home
Easing Mom's Fears
Empty Nest
First Visit Home
Fraternities and Sororities
Keeping in Touch
Mom's Adjustment
Mom's Concerns
One Mom to Another
Residence Hall Living
Study Abroad

International Students

Crossing Cultures
International Students Adjusting to a New Culture
International Students Social Lives
International Students Academics

Non-Traditional Students

Coming Back to School
Back to School as a Non Traditional Student
Back to School Non Traditional Challenges

From College to Career

Transition Out of College