Agency Culture

The staff at K-State CAPS aims to be:

  • Supportive. Our agency has an open-door policy. If an office door is open, feel free to knock to consult, connect, decompress, or debrief. We value humor, and you’ll often hear laughter coming from the break room at lunchtime.

  • Interactive. We work to create opportunities for connection, beyond work-related tasks. For example, each month, we have a themed potluck. Folks are invited to bring food. Even if someone forgets or cannot bring food, there's always enough for everyone. We also have staff retreats. In the past, we went to the Discovery Center and the Beach Museum. We also have plans to go to the national historic site of Brown v. Board of Education and a buffalo ranch!

  • Hardworking. We enjoy each other’s company and we also work hard to serve our students, K-State’s campus, and the Manhattan community in a variety of ways.

  • Culturally oriented. In addition to providing prevention and psychotherapy services, we work to exhibit social justice values. One example is our food shelf, stocked by staff contributions, as a resource for students experiencing food and personal hygiene insecurity. We also have Diversity workgroup, which focuses on diversity initiatives within the agency. Learn more about our commitment to social justice and diversity here.

  • Full. As an agricultural school, we have delicious treats available to us. Call Hall’s Dairy Bar sells K-State ice cream, cheese, milk and other products. The Bakery Science Club has a weekly bake sale during the semester, and these treats often make appearances in our break room! The students in the Animal Sciences and Industry department sell cuts of meat at the Dairy Bar and at their weekly meat sale.