Student meeting with therapist

Kansas State University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), in support of the overall mission of the University, provides high-quality professional services to help all students meet their full potential – personally, academically, and socially. Within an accepting, sustaining, and compassionate setting, CAPS provides a professional resource to attend to our students' psychological needs by promoting well-being, alleviating concerns, facilitating problem resolution, and enhancing their success.

As a professional staff, we value our culturally diverse campus community. We are committed to ethical and professionally competent behavior consistent with our training, experience, and this university's mission. While appropriately protecting confidentiality, we work collaboratively with other entities on and off campus to promote a safe and healthy environment. During times when a critical event may occur, we are ready to offer timely response through consultation, debriefing, and follow-up to lessen trauma and promote resolution.