U.S. Copyright Law

The United States Copyright Office is the number one authority on copyright in the U.S. Please refer to their documentation and instructions if you have additional questions about their website or information. Current copyright law can be found at the below resource links.

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U.S. Copyright Office

The site where you can register your copyrights, renew copyrights, search copyright records, and learn more about copyright law.

U.S. Code: Title 17 - COPYRIGHTS

Title 17 of the U.S. Code is also known as the U.S. Copyright Act. It includes every section of U.S. copyright law.

Section topics of the copyright law can be viewed below:

§ 102 . Subject matter of copyright: In general 28

§ 106 . Exclusive rights in copyrighted works 38

§ 107 . Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use 40

§ 110 . Limitations on exclusive rights: Exemption of certain performances and displays 43
(Including the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act 43)