About Research Security

K-State adopts a multifaceted approach to ensuring research security and safeguarding sensitive information within the K-State academic community. This involves the management of export control regulations, which govern the transfer of technology, data and materials to foreign entities to prevent unintended dissemination of critical knowledge. It also encompasses a robust Controlled Unclassified Information, or CUI, Program, which is used to safeguard unclassified but sensitive data from unauthorized disclosure. Additional elements of K-State's approach toward research security includes guarding against undue foreign influence, which involves the institutional monitoring and review of potential collaborations and funding sources to ensure that research outcomes are not compromised by malign external agendas. In the context of international travel, researchers must navigate security considerations to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information while maintaining the academic spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange.
Balancing all of these elements ensures the integrity of academic research while safeguarding against risks posed by export control violations, uncontrolled dissemination, foreign influence and international mobility.