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University Research Compliance Office

Financial Conflict of Interest Forms


PHS FCOI Declaration

This PHS FCOI Declaration must be filed by each Investigator who is planning to participate in PHS-funded research no later than at the time of application for PHS-funded research, and at least annually. Additional Declaration forms shall be filed for new Significant Financial Interests (SFI) and to update information from a previously disclosed SFI.

PHS Supplemental Disclosure

This PHS Supplemental Disclosure Statement is to be utilized in conjunction with the PHS FCOI Declaration. The Disclosure for the Annual Declaration applicable to all faculty and staff is a separate disclosure and is available on HRIS.

PHS FCOI Management Plan

Applicable if a Significant Financial Interest (SFI) on Supplemental Disclosure Statement creates a perceived or actual Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI).

Sponsored & Reimbursed Travel Plan

Investigators on PHS grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts must fill out this form within 30 days of completed sponsored or reimbursed travel (see exemptions listed on form). In addition, when applying for PHS sponsored funding, investigators must disclose reimbursed and sponsored travel for the previous twelve-month period, no later than at the time of application.