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Institutional Review Board

IRB Contact and Committee Members

The K-State Vice President for Research appoints IRB members and the chair. According to federal guidelines, the IRB must have at least five members, at least one who is not affiliated with Kansas State University, and at least one whose primary interests are nonscientific (these two attributes may be combined in the same member). The IRB may also use ad hoc reviewers in cases where additional or specialized expertise in protocol review would be of value to the IRB in its deliberations.

Rick Scheidt, Chair
(785) 532-3224

IRB committee members

Steve Warren
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lisa Rubin
College of Education

Nancy Muturi
Journalism and Mass Communications

Amber Vennum
Family Studies and Human Services

Laura Brannon

Lisa Melander
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Sara Rosenkranz
Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Health

Heath Ritter 
University Research Compliance Office

Cheryl Doerr
Associate Vice President for Research, Compliance 

External members

Earl J. Reppert
Dennis Hemmendinger
Shelly Williams


Greg Peterson
University Research Compliance Office

Megan Trapp
University Research Compliance Office