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Institutional Biosafety Committee

About the Institutional Biosafety Committee

The IBC is committed to providing a comprehensive and compliant biosafety program for researchers, staff, and students. The IBC is mandated by federal laws and regulations and is responsible for oversight of all activities involving research with microbiological agents, recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids, or toxins of biological origin as well as all BSL-1 work.

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For questions about K-State's biosafety program, contact Greg Peterson in the URCO office at gjpeters@ksu.edu or 532-3243.


October is the 6th annual Biosafety Month, and the Kansas State University Research Compliance Office (URCO) is joining the American Biological Safety Association, or ABSA in the celebration.

The theme for this October is, “Beyond the Lab: Increasing the Visibility of Biosafety and Biosecurity”. This is an opportunity for individuals and organizations at K-State to review and enhance their biosafety and biosecurity standards, and ABSA suggests a number of activities including:

· Promoting visibility of biosafety and biosecurity professionals in our workplace and community;

· Highlighting the multidimensional nature of the biosafety and biosecurity profession;

· Defining how biosafety and biosecurity professionals are more than compliance people;

· Advocating for the education, training, and support of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM, fields;

· Recognizing biosafety as a scientific discipline;

· Supporting STEM students’ awareness and interest in the profession through outreach and interactions at all educational levels;

· Fostering dialogue, transparency, and education in work involving biological materials with all stakeholders.

To celebration Biosafety Month, URCO will be featuring a short weekly video on our website that explains the various aspects of compliance that the Institutional Biosafety Committee helps to oversee. 

If your department has biosafety success stories of your own, please email URCO at comply@k-state.edu, and they will featured on the website.

URCO looks forward to the month ahead and is excited to use the momentum to further enhance K-State’s culture of biosafety. 

Find additional information about Biosafety Month.

Featured Biosafety Video