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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Literature Searches

Literature searches are a key part of ensuring that every IACUC application meets the requirements of the Animal Welfare Regulations (9CFR, Part 2, Sec. 2.31(d)(1)(ii)), the Guide (p. 26), and the Ag Guide (p 2). Two types of searches may be required. Section III. of the form requires a literature search for unnecessary duplication. Section VI.B of the protocol form provides the results of a search for alternatives to procedures that have the potential to cause pain or distress in research animals (Cat D or E). Teaching protocols may not require a search for unnecessary duplication or search for alternatives. Contact Gayle Willard, Director, Vet Med Library, for help with literature searches. Gayle can be reached at 532-6006 or gwillard@vet.ksu.edu.

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“What is the literature search for alternatives and why do I have to do it?”