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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IACUC Application Forms


  • Request for Cadaver Procurement and Use in Teaching or Research Activities 09-29-2020 (PDF): The IACUC has adopted this form for submission, review, and approval for procurement of whole dead animals (cadavers) for use in research and teaching activities. Procurement of animal parts, such as organs or tissues, do not need IACUC approval. IACUC approval is good for one year. Activities that at any point involve live animals must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC on the standard IACUC Application for Approval form. 


  • All proposed changes to approved IACUC protocols must be approved by the committee. Agencies have different review mechanisms for minor versus significant or major modifications. Read a full explanation.

  • To submit a modification, use the latest approved protocol version, and edit as follows:
    • On the first page for "Type of Application," please check "Addendum/Modification."
    • At the bottom of the first page in the "Modification Box," please provide the date, modification request, and justification for the request. IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE ANY PREVIOUSLY APPROVED MODIFICATIONS FROM THIS BOX.
    • Update the protocol to reflect the modification in all relevant sections. Bold, highlight, or underline all changes. IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING FROM THE LATEST APPROVED PROTOCOL VERSION, SIMPLY ADD TO IT.
    • Call URCO with any questions about how to submit a modification.

Here is an example:



  • Animal Monitoring Plan and Animal Observation Record forms detail how animals will be monitored and what actions will be taken to minimize pain or distress associated with a research project.

  • The AMP along with the AOR detail how animals will be monitored and what actions will be taken in order to minimize pain or distress associated with the research project. Investigators must indicate if an AMP and AOR are required in section VI.H.1 of the protocol. The AMP is a part of the protocol application and should be completed within the body of the application. Use the forms below if you require additional sheets.

    Animal Monitoring Plan Form (PDF)

    Animal Observation Record (DOC)


Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP)

  • Follow this link to access the Occupational Health and Safety forms.