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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Committee Meetings

The IACUC comprises at least one representative from each major administrative unit, or college, of the university. The Institutional Official, which at K-State is the vice president for research, appoints committee members.

IACUC meetings are generally held in the afternoon of the first and third Thursday of each month, unless scheduling conflicts arise. 

  • URCO contacts and invites to attend those PIs whose protocols will be reviewed at a full committee meeting.
  • PIs are not required to attend, but coming to the meeting facilitates the review process and results in faster turnaround times in many cases.
  • PIs who cannot attend are encouraged to send a representative or designee to give an overview of the project and answer questions from committee members.
2020 IACUC Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines

The following dates and deadlines are provided to help guide protocol submissions. If no protocols are submitted by the deadline, a meeting may be cancelled. Deadlines are in place so that committee members have ample opportunity to address and review the protocols.  

Meeting dateSubmission deadline
January 2December 20
January 16January 3
February 6January 24
February 20February 7
March 5February 21
March 19March 6
April 2March 20
April 16April 3
May 7April 19
May 21May 8
June 4May 22
June 18June 5
July 2June 19
July 16July 3
August 6July 24
August 20August 7
September 3August 21
September 17September 4
October 1September 18
October 15October 2
October 29October 16
November 19November 6
December 3November 23
December 17December 6