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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Guideline #3

Oocyte Removal Surgery for Frogs

1. References:  https://oacu.oir.nih.gov/

2. Purpose/Scope: To provide information to principal investigators who may request to perform oocyte removal surgery for frogs. 

2.1   Survival surgery in frogs requires aseptic techniques including sterile instruments and gloves (sterile skin preparation is not appropriate as this will cause disruption of the slime layer).

2.2   Multiple surgeries for frog oocyte removal may be approved by the IACUC provided there is adequate scientific justification. The committee recommends a maximum of four surgeries per frog: three survival surgeries plus one non-survival surgery (limited to 2 surgeries per side of frog) to minimize the distress experienced by any individual frog. If the investigator requires more than four surgeries, further justification must be provided.

2.3   There should be a minimum of one month between surgeries.

2.4   After surgery, single housing may be considered as part of post-surgical care.

2.5   Frogs should be monitored daily during the postoperative period for dehiscence or infection, at a length determined by the IACUC.

2.6   Frogs should be individually identified so surgery number can be accurately recorded.