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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IACUC Guidelines

  1. Signs for Assesing Morbid and Moribund Rodents
  2. Policy on Prolonged Physical Restraint
  3. Oocyte Removal Surgery for Frogs
  4. Aseptic Surgical Technique
  5. Rodent Tail Clipping
  6. Photos and Videos in Research Environments
  7. Multiple Major Survival Surgical Procedures
  8. Water or Food Restriction or Deprivation
  9. Written Response to the IACUC Semi-Annual Animal Care and Use Facilities Inspections
  10. Documentation of Post-Surgical Recovery
  11. Euthanasia of Neonatal Rodents
  12. Use of Freunds Complete Adjuvant
  13. Policy on Category E Protocols
  14. Housing Rodents on Wire Bottom Caging
  15. Use of Expired Medical Materials for Research Animals
  17. Privately-Owned Animals on University Agricultural Property
  18. Tumor Burdens in Animals
  19. Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs in Research Animals
  20. Animal Procurement 
  21. Exempt Animal Use Activities
  22. Attending Veterinarian (AV) Review Guideline 
  23. Mandatory Reporting to the Attending Veterinarian and IACUC