IRB Forms

New IRB Chair

Beginning August 6, 2022, Dr. Lisa Rubin will be the new IRB Chair. Please note that there will be an updated informed consent form with this new information posted on the URCO website. New submissions, beginning August 6, will be required to have this updated information in the consent form for applications to receive final approval.

Application Forms

All application forms can now be found and completed through IRBManager. More information on IRBManager can be found on our IRBManager page.

Other Forms

Sample Informed Consent Form: Follow the instructions on this sample form carefully to customize it to suit your own research protocol.

Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement (DOC)

Unanticipated or Adverse Event Form (DOC): In accordance with the signed assurance of the application, Principle Investigators must complete and submit this form to the URCO when Unanticipated or Adverse Events occur. In the case of a serious event, the Unanticipated or Adverse Events Form may follow a phone call or email contact with the URCO.

Informed Consent Checklist