Lab Inspection Program

The IBC is responsible for conducting annual inspections of all IBC-approved BSL-1 non-exempt, BSL-2, BSL-3, ACL-2, and ACL-3 laboratory spaces at K-State. Conducting routine inspections of laboratory spaces is critical to identifying potential hazards and regulatory risk by assessing compliance with various regulatory standards.

Download current K-State BSL-1 non-exempt inspection checklist (DOCX)

Download current K-State BSL-2 inspection checklist (DOCX)

Download CDC Arthropod Containment Level 2 (ACL-2) checklist (PDF)

Instructional Video Describing BSL-2 Inspection Process


Biosafety Manual

A biosafety manual must be prepared when an activity involves infectious and/or recombinant DNA materials. This manual should be prepared to assist investigators, technicians, and collaborators in routine and/or emergency operation using rDNA or infectious materials. The manual should also be available to safety, and emergency response personnel in case of an incident, accident, or an emergency in a specific lab area. It should be a working document, reviewed periodically, updated as necessary, and readily accessible to all personnel working in a lab or area with infectious and/or recombinant agents. A training/familiarization sheet for all personnel working in a lab or area with infectious and/or recombinant agents should be part of the biosafety manual. A loose-leaf binder that can easily accommodate new materials is an effective option for maintaining a laboratory biosafety manual. View a sample Laboratory Biosafety Manual (DOC).