The Aakeroy Research Laboratory

Welcome to the home pages of the Aakeröy Research Group at Kansas State University!

On these pages we hope to provide visitors with brief introductions to some of the research projects that are being pursued within the group as well as an up-to-date summary of publications that have resulted from our work.

We have also included informal information about past and present group members along with news items and a photo gallery that offers a glimpse into the workings of the Aakeröy group.

Prospective Ph. D/undergraduate students and potential collaborators can contact Prof. Aakeröy directly for more details.

Cavitand Metal-Ligand

Upcoming events

Aakeröy Group Seminar

Inorganic Group Seminar



7.30 a.m.

CBC 437



1.30 p.m.

KG 209


News in pictures


Congratulations Prof. Christer B. Aakeröy who has been selected for 73rd recipient of the ACS Midwest Award 2017. (In the picture: Prof. Aakeröy and the Aakeröy group members with the ACS president Prof. Peter K. Dorhout at the award ceremony) Read more


More news in pictures