Kansas State University Excellence in Engagement Award

This award has been suspended for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Established in 2011 by the Office of Provost, the Kansas State University Excellence in Engagement awards are given to highlight excellence in engaged scholarship (via research, teaching, and/or outreach). These awards recognize KSRE and campus faculty initiatives that demonstrate innovative and/or sustained efforts in university/community engagement positively impacting both university and community partners.

By engagement, we mean:

"The partnership of university knowledge and resources with those of the public and private sectors to enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity; enhance curriculum, teaching, and learning; prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic values, and civic responsibility; address critical societal issues; and contribute to the public good."

Association of Public and Land Grant Universities
White Paper on Engagement, 2011

Application Opens:

Submission Materials Due:

Approximate Announcement Date:

Number of Awards: Two

Eligibility: Any campus faculty, professional staff, and/or Extension professional. Awards may go to an individual or a partnership team.

Criteria for the K-State Excellence in Engagement Award

1. The engaged scholarship benefits the lives of individuals, families, communities, and/or society as well as positively impacting university faculty and students;

2. The engaged scholarship is created and sustained through mutual collaboration between university faculty and external communities;

3. The scholarship is communicated through scholarly publication, academic presentation, public scholarship, and/or community presentation; and

4. The engaged scholarship creates or applies disciplinary knowledge.

Application Portfolio (three pages maximum)

Project Title:

Abstract: Summarize the engaged scholarship (via research, teaching, or outreach) and engaged partnership. Describe the significant societal issue addressed and benefits resulting from that partnership.

The Partnership: Detail the campus and community partners. Describe the length of this partnership. Offer examples of how campus and community partners have worked together and roles each have played. Describe ways in which students have been involved.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices: Describe the challenges the university and community partners have faced through this collaboration. Describe how these challenges were addressed and overcome. What benefits or impacts have emerged from this partnership for the university and the community? What knowledge or intellectual property has been created from this engaged work?

Endorsement: Two letters of endorsement are required. Each application must include a letter of endorsement from a dean, department head, or director who is familiar with and supportive of the engaged project. A second letter must come from a community partner.

Submit Nomination Application Online to:
In subject line, note this is for “Kansas State University Excellence in Engagement Award.”

Applicants will receive written notice of receipt of their proposal.


1. A plaque and $2,500 presented to each winning engagement partnership.

2. Awards will be presented and recognized at the university’s spring engagement celebration.

3. Winners of the Kansas State University Excellence in Engagement Award will be showcased in university news stories throughout the year.

4. The award winners will be highlighted as one of Kansas State University Signature Partnerships.

Review Process

A review panel of engaged campus and community representatives will review the application portfolios based on the criteria listed above.