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Updates to K-State's event calendar interface

Updates to the Pulse event calendar interface will be released Tuesday, May 19 at about 7 p.m. The calendar display on webpages will not be affected. There will be about 5 minutes of downtime for the release.

What's changing

Pulse now features an enhanced interface for recommended events. Calendar owners will see a yellow Recommended label in the Status column for events that have been recommended to their calendars. Events can be individually previewed as well as added to each calendar using the Action drop down. 

Calendar owners may also view a single list of Recommended events by clicking Recommended Events under the Calendar tab.

Changes calendar owners will see
  • A new yellow Recommended label in the Status column. When events are added to a calendar, the label will change to the green Published label. Use the Action drop down to Preview, Add to calendars, Remove from calendars, and more.
    Recommended label
  • A new drop-down under the Calendar tab with options for
    • New Event,
    • Recommended Events (x) — the number of events recommended to your calendar(s), and
    • All Events

    Calendar tab
  • A new Recommended filter on the dashboard.
    Recommended filter
  • The Connect Bar added to the dashboard in the top of the header.
    Connect Bar header