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Localist - K-State's event calendar

Getting started with Localist

Be sure to review the tips before adding events to the calendar.

If you need event creation access or a calendar set up on your departmental website, contact calendar@k-state.edu.

Some questions about using the event system can be found in the Localist Knowledge Base.

Logging In to Localist
  1. Navigate to the calendar system:
  2. Click the Log In link located within the content of the page, not the Sign In link the Header.
  3. Click Login with School ID.

    If you have a K-State eID, do not enter an email and password here.  The top section is for community members who wish to participate with using 3rd party email address such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. 
    Login with school id
  4. Sign in with your eID and password on the K-State Single Sign On screen

Logging In for the First Time

When logging into Localist for the first time, you will be asked to enter your name and email address.  In the email form field, enter your email address ending with @k-state.edu instead of @ksu.edu.  For example, username@k-state.edu.

Logging in for the First Time

Adding events to your calendar
  1. From the profile drop down, select Calendar Admin
    Calendar Admin
  2. From the Events dropdown, choose Add Event
    Add Event
  3. Select a required Start Date.  You can enter dates in a variety of formats, such as 3/24/2019, Tomorrow, or Wednesday.Event Details
  4. Typing an location name will auto-suggest locations. Be sure and select a location that's already been entered into the system.  You can select the Use: option if one doesn't exist.
  5. Create the Event by clicking the Save Changes button.
    Save Changes


Send email to:

  • When you're ready for your calendar to go live
  • If you know of an department or group that needs to be added
  • If there's a central event/set of events that you can't find
  • Have a Type suggestion
  • Or have any other questions