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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Creating Excellence in Education

The overall educational objective of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics (BMB) Department is to graduate students who are competent laboratory scientists, intellectually prepared for future endeavors, and proud ambassadors of Kansas State University. We intend to provide K-State students with appropriate biochemical, molecular biological, and biophysical training for their professional careers, whatever they may be. Our programs include undergraduate degree plans in Biochemistry (BA, BS, BS/MS), Medical Biochemistry (BA, BS) and Molecular Biophysics (BS) along with the MS/PhD interdisciplinary graduate degrees in Biochemistry.

The BMB Department would like to thank you for your generous support. Your donations allow us to enhance the educational and research experience of our students, offer scholarships, and attract and support quality faculty. All these advantages improve our ability to recruit and retain outstanding and deserving students.

If you wish to donate to any of the BMB Foundation Funds (see list below), please use this "Make a Gift" link to K-State Foundation. Please "specify a desigtation" and choose "Biochemistry Fund" in the drop down list and/or put the specific fund number you wish to support in "special instructions" box when your contribute. Any undesignated gifts will go to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Make a Gift

All gifts to Kansas State University are directed to the KSU Foundation, the fundraising arm of Kansas State University.

BMB Foundation Funds

F17870 - BMB Excellence Fund

                Enhancements to student education and research experiences.
                Helps attract and support quality faculty.

Undergraduate Scholarships
  • F51745 - W. Mack Barlow Memorial Scholarship

                    General BMB Scholarships

  • F68342 - Havely (David/Tim) Biochemistry Discretionary Fund

                    General BMB Scholarships

  • F79431 - Merrill (Fred/Virginia) Biochemistry Discretionary Fund

                    General BMB Scholarships

  • Q55486 - R. Kenneth Burkhard Scholarship for Women in Biochemistry

                    Undergraduate Scholarship for Outstanding Female Biochemistry Juniors and Seniors

  • Q59504 - Davis (George/Olive) Scholarship for Developing Scholars

                    Undergraduate Research Scholarship for First Generation Biochemistry Students and
                    Biochemistry Students from Under-represented Groups in Research

  • Q71700 - Hughes (J.S.) Memorial Scholarship

                    General BMB Scholarships

Graduate Students
  • F81556 - Phillip Nordin Memorial

                    Graduate Student Travel to Scientific Meetings

  • Q53097 - Hedgcoth Biochemistry Graduate Scholarship

                    Outstanding Graduate Teaching and Research Awards
                    Graduate Student Travel to Scientific Meetings

  • F66998 - Hageman (Richard/Elizabeth) Distinguished Lectureship

                    Host Distinguished Agricultural Biochemistry Research Speakers
                    Graduate Student Travel to Scientific Meetings