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Blue Key

Membership Requirements

Blue Key membership requirements include:

  • Attend all Blue Key meetings, activities, and retreats.
  • Make Blue Key a top priority.
  • Commitment to continued expansion of leadership and personal development programs.
  • Fulfillment of the duties of a Blue Key office.
  • Effective and credible service as a role model for the campus and community. 
Blue Key time commitments: 

*Please note this is not a comprehensive list and is only meant to give applicants a loose idea of what their time commitments may look like

  • Mentor 2-3 members of Quest Freshman Honorary
  • Help at the Leadership Appreciation Reception and Strengths in Action events
  • Co-teach Catalyst and attend evening large lectures
  • Facilitate You Lead workshops
  • Volunteer for the Discover U Conference
  • Review applications and interview applicants for Quest, Blue Key, and scholarships
  • Attend the National Conference
Blue Key applicant requirements include:
  • Significant leadership experience in student/community organizations.
  • Minimum K-State GPA of 3.0.
  • Have senior status by Fall 2019 (90 Hours)
  • Commitment to dedicate significant time and energy to Blue Key
  • Must be an enrolled K-State student during both semesters of the 2019-2020 academic year.

For questions, please contact Director of Membership, Meredith Clark