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About Blue Key

Blue Key Honor Society is a premier honor society that recognizes college students at senior institutions of higher education for balanced and all-around excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Blue Key Honor Society bases its eligibility for membership on all-around leadership in student life, high scholastic achievement, service to others, citizenship, and an adherence to principles of faith.

Blue Key Honor Society is unique in that it recognizes upper-classmen at colleges and universities throughout the nation for an exemplary and balanced record of achievement inside and outside the classroom.

Blue Key Honor Society celebrates and honors the many accomplishments of it membership. The special qualities of Blue Key members as they model service to others include intellectual curiosity with a desire to acquire knowledge, modeling a significant pattern of leadership which contributes to the institution's student and campus life, service to the community and citizenship, expressing humility through moral character and integrity, and a strong sense of faith in word and deed.

Benefits of Blue Key Include:

Acknowledgement for a record of excellence in Leadership, Scholarship and Service with an internationally recognized honor society. Life membership and receipt of a credential that is recognized for quality and selectivity by graduate programs, institutions, and professional fields. Opportunity to make a significant contribution to the quality of campus life. Participate with a forum of stimulating individuals who create ideas and programs to serve others and implement those efforts. Experience the principle of "best leadership practices" with dedicated campus leaders.

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The Kansas State University Blue Key chapter was chartered on February 27, 1934. The organization was primarily in charge of running the university's homecoming festivities. In 1965 Blue Key was the first student organization to create an endowment fund for a scholarship program, and later in 1991 created the Presidential Lecture Series allowing faculty members to travel across the state to speak to high schools. Over the past two decades Blue Key has focused heavily on personal development and mentorship for underclassmen through two signature programs, Catalyst, a personal development class (2002) and Quest Freshman Honorary (2004). See the below links for class photos from each year. 

For further historical information, please refer to the History tab or archived information about past Blue Key classes