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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
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Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for scholarships, awards, and fellowships at all stages of their academic career at Kansas State University. Undergraduate students in the Division of Biology have had great success in getting competitive scholarships at the national, university, college, and Division levels. In addition, students involved in research may be eligible for research fellowships/scholarships, and should discuss the options with the faculty member they work with. Undergraduate students needing assistance should contact their faculty mentor or the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 785-532-5718 or email to biology@ksu.edu.

Below are some of the scholarships Division of Biology undergraduates can receive.

 Scholarships at the Division Level

The Division of Biology University Distinguished Professors Scholarship

A $1000 scholarship that was established to honor University Distinguished Professors in the Division of Biology and to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students enrolled in a biological science at Kansas State University.

The Enloe Family Scholarship

Established in 1992 by David and Beth Enloe to honor the memory of their son, Mark Enloe. The recipient must demonstrate outstanding leadership and promise as a budding professional in fisheries, wildlife, or conservation biology. Selection is based on the quality of an essay describing past experiences in fisheries, wildlife and conservation activities, and motivations for a future career in this area.

June Hull Sherrid Scholarships

Funded by endowed accounts in the KSU Center for Basic Cancer Research and the Division of Biology. These scholarships are initially awarded to both incoming freshmen and enrolled upperclassmen and are typically valued at $500 to $750 annually.  The scholarships are renewable through the senior year providing GPA and biology major requirements are met. Eligibility requirements include that the applicant have:  1) graduated from a Kansas high school, 2) a stated career interest in the betterment of human health, 3) declared a major in biology or microbiology and 4) shown excellent academic performance (for incoming freshmen this academic performance includes an ACT composite score of 28 or better).

The Larry G. Williams Scholarship

Established to honor the service of Dr. Larry Williams as lead advisor for undergraduate students and professor in the Division of Biology for over 30 years.  The scholarship provides $1000 scholarships to deserving undergraduates majoring in biology.

The Maben Family Scholarship

Established by Dr. Pam Maben, who is an M.D. in Lee's Summit, MO, and a KSU Biology graduate. Biology majors with sophomore standing or above are eligible. Deserving undergraduates are awarded $1000 scholarships from this generous gift.

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Scholarships at the College and University Level

Many biology majors obtain University-wide scholarships to help finance their education at KSU.  These scholarships can provide substantial contributions to decrease the cost of their education. With good academic performance most are renewable for up to four years.  Click through the lists on the University scholarship page to read descriptions of the scholarships and eligibility requirements. Contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 785-532-6420 to find out more about scholarships and other support, or follow the links below.

State of Kansas Scholarships
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Scholarships at the National Level

Promising undergraduate students from the Division of Biology are given encouragement and guidance in applying for national level scholarships.  These efforts have frequently paid off.  From 1992-2016, Division of Biology majors have won two Marshall and one Brasenose Scholarship (both of these scholarships pay all expenses for two years of post bachelor's degree study in England), 19 Goldwater Scholarships (a prestigious national science, math, and engineering scholarship that pays all undergraduate college expenses for one or two years), two Truman Scholarships (pays $30,000 for four years of undergraduate/graduate education), two Fulbright Scholarships (pays up to $15,000 for a year of post bachelors study in a foreign country), three Udall Scholarships (a national environmental scholarship established in 1996 that is worth $5000), one Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship (a national award that pays up to $7000 for a year of graduate study), and three Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biomedical Predoctoral Fellowships (pays $15,000 per year for four years of Ph.D. study).

Nationally Competitive Scholarship Office at Kansas State University