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Division of Biology

Biology Undergraduate Scholarships

The Division of Biology awards over $100,000 in scholarship to new and continuing biology undergraduates annually.

Students will automatically be considered for all Division of Biology scholarships for which they are eligible by completing a K-State Scholarship Network (KSN) application. Students need to update their applications annually.

Students should check KSN for application due dates, which are typically mid-March for continuing students and the beginning of February for incoming freshmen.

The Biology Undergraduate Scholarship Committee makes decisions on awarding these scholarships each year by reviewing applications from KSN. The committee selects recipients based on their academic performance, leadership and community service, financial need, Division of Biology involvement, and the individual donor’s requirements. Scholarships are typically $1,000 for the upcoming academic year. Unless otherwise noted in the description, biology scholarships are one-time awards and are not renewable.

In addition, biology students have had great success in getting competitive scholarships at the national, university, and college levels.

Students involved in research may be eligible for research fellowships/scholarships and should discuss their options with the faculty member they work with.

Below is more information about scholarships Division of Biology undergraduates can apply for.

Biology “Emergency Aid” Student Opportunity Award offered year round

The Biology Student Opportunity Awards are given to biology students in extreme financial need.

Student opportunity awards are allocated by the Division of Biology Undergraduate Scholarship Committee to provide financial assistance for students who have demonstrated extreme financial need or those who need temporary financial assistance. Special consideration will be given to students whose future at K-State may be in jeopardy and to students who have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance. Students and faculty members are encouraged to nominate students in need, or students may nominate themselves. Applications are received online on a continuing basis and awards are allocated year-round until funds for the year run out.

The committee reviews applications as they come in. Students may fill out the application linked below.

Biology Student Opportunity Award Application
Division of Biology Scholarship Descriptions


Allan and Carolyn Harms Biology Scholarship

Allan and Carolyn Harms provided the endowment for this scholarship to provide financial assistance to Division of Biology students. The couple and their children are all K-State graduates.

Dale and Maryrose Preston - Bosco Family Scholarship

Dale and Maryrose Preston created a Bosco Family Scholarship for students in the Division of Biology. They believe curing disease to provide for better lives is possible through the study of biology and want to support K-State students' pursuit of those cures. Dale is also an alumnus of K-State and wants to pay it forward. This scholarship is part of the K-State Family Scholarship Program, a matching gift scholarship program endowed by Mary L. Vanier, to help bolster support for higher education.

Division of Biology Scholarship

The endowment for this scholarship was provided by a former graduate who wishes to remain anonymous. Recipients must exhibit financial need and have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA.

University Distinguished Professors Scholarship

The endowment for this scholarship was provided by a prominent Kansas physician, Dr. Clay Harvey, who received his B.S. degree in Biology from Kansas State University. The scholarship was established to honor University Distinguished Professors in the Division of Biology and to provide financial assistance to undergraduate biological science students.

Dr. Brian Spooner Fund

Recipients of this scholarship must be involved in undergraduate research in the Division of Biology. The endowment was provided by one of our outstanding graduates, Dr. Mark D. Carlson, M.D., and his wife Susan, in recognition of the value of meaningful research experiences for undergraduates and to honor his research mentor, Dr. Brian Spooner.

Enloe Family Scholarship

Established in 1992 by David and Beth Enloe in honor of their son, Mark Enloe, the recipient of this scholarship must demonstrate outstanding leadership and promise as a budding professional in fisheries, wildlife, conservation, or environmental biology.

Floyd C. and Berniece Humbert Butel Biology Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Janet Butel in honor of her parents. Dr. Butel is a professor emeritus of the Baylor College of Medicine whose work focused on polyomavirus pathogenesis of infections and disease.

John and Thea Beckman Biology Scholarship

This scholarship honoring John and Thea Beckman provides financial assistance to junior or senior undergraduates enrolled in the Division of Biology.

June Hull Sherrid Scholarships

There are two June Hull Sherrid scholarships in biology. These scholarships were established to perpetuate the memory of June D. Hull Sherrid and to provide financial assistance to students in the Division of Biology. Recipients must be graduates of a Kansas high school who are planning to enter the field of medical and x-ray technology or human medical sciences. One of the June Hull Sherrid scholarships is renewable for 4 years for students meeting GPA requirements.

Larry G. Williams Scholarship

The endowment for this scholarship is provided through donations by our alumni and was established to honor the service of Dr. Larry Williams, who was the lead advisor for undergraduate students and professor in the Division of Biology for over 35 years, as well as a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar.

Maben Family Scholarship in Biology

Dr. Pamela Maben, a graduate of the Division of Biology, established this scholarship. She was a founding member of the Kansas Alpha chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta and is an M.D. in Independence, Missouri. Recipients will be a sophomore or above Division of Biology major with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Robert K. Nabours Scholarship

The Nabours Scholarship was set up as a tribute by Catherine and Allan Wallace to perpetuate the memory of Dr. Nabours, a long-time department head of zoology who hired the first female faculty member.