Genetics, Developmental, and Cell Biology Faculty

Name Research Focus
Katsura Asano Regulation of protein biosynthesis; Yeast genetics and biochemistry
Dan Boyle Cellular mechanisms and functions involved with eye development
Susan Brown Evolution of gene regulatory networks, using segmentation in the red flour beetle
Megan Eppler Human Body
Christopher Herren Genetics of mycobacteriophages
James Mateika Human Body
Jocelyn McDonald Developmental and cell biology; cell migration; tissue morphogenesis
Kristin Michel Host-pathogen interactions; Vector biology
Beth Montelone DNA metabolism
Brad Olson
(section chair)
Molecular and ecological basis of multicellular evolution
Wendy Reeves Cell biology
Ashley Rhodes

Human Body; Physiological Adaptations Of Animals

Kathrin Schrick Plant molecular biology; Developmental biology; Plant sterols; START domains
Mark Ungerer Evolutionary and ecological genetics in plants; Genome structure and evolution
Michael Veeman Morphogenesis of the chordate body plan; Developmental and cell biology
Nicholas Wallace Human Papillomavirus; Viral Oncogenesis; DNA Damage Repair
Ruth Welti Structure and function of cell membranes; Mass-spectrometry-based lipid analysis
Anna Zinovyeva Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, RNA biology, microRNA biogenesis and function