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Division of Biology

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

NameResearch Focus
Robbie BearScience education
John BlairEcosystem ecology and terrestrial biogeochemistry; Grasslands and global change
Alice Boyle
(section chair)
Behavioral, evolutionary, and physiological ecology; Basic and applied ornithology
Walter DoddsWater quality; Nutrient cycling; Nutrient criteria; Value of water; Nitrogen cycling 
Carolyn FergusonPlant systematics; Phylogeny and evolution of Phlox (Polemoniaceae)
Keith GidoFish ecology; Invasive species effects; Fish assemblage structure 
David HaukosWetland ecology; Avian population dynamics; Migration ecology 
Andrew HopeMammalian systematics and phylogenetics
Eva HorneAgonistic and anti-predator behavior in reptiles, amphibians, and dragonflies 
Loretta JohnsonEcological Genomics, Plant Ecology, Climate Change 
Ari JumpponnenMycology; Fungal ecology; Fungus-plant interactions
Sonny LeeMetagenomics, Bioinformatics, Microbial ecology, microbial diversity and cultivation
Allison LouthanPopulation biology, community ecology
Martha MatherFish ecology, aquatic community ecology 
Mark MayfieldPlant systematics; Taxonomy of new world Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) 
Eve McCullochPopulation genetics, landscape genetics, conservation biology, science communication
Jesse NippertGrassland ecophysiology, grass/tree ecological dynamics
Brad OlsonMolecular and ecological basis of multicellular evolution 
Thomas PlattBacterial genetics; Quorum sensing; Microbial interactions; Virulence plasmid conjugation
Zak RatajczakCommunity Ecology, Fire, Grasslands & Savannas, and Resilience Theory
Michi ToblerAdaptation and speciation; Fish biology; Extreme environments 
Mark UngererEvolutionary and ecological genetics in plants; Genome structure and evolution 
Kimberly WithLandscape ecology and conservation biology 
Lydia ZeglinMicrobial ecology, microbial diversity and nutrient cycling processes in streams and soils