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Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment Checklist

  1. Develop program-level student learning outcomes and (if applicable) link appropriately to: (a) University student learning outcomes; (b) accreditation standards; (c) criteria identified by professional organizations; (d) industry standards; and/or (e) strategic plans.
  2. Document in a matrix the various courses or co-curricular activities where outcomes are learned by students in your program.
  3. Identify the assignments, experiences, activities, etc. that promote the achievement of the learning outcome.
  4. Designate the points in a student’s educational curriculum when outcome assessment and outcome achievement data collection can occur.
  5. Define the components of successful achievement of the learning outcome and the evaluative criteria for each component that can be demonstrated by students.
  6. Identify (create if necessary) and implement appropriately in the curriculum multiple methodologies and measurement tools that will validly and reliably evaluate achievement levels of each outcome.
  7. Collect, analyze, and interpret student achievement data (annually).
  8. Discuss with program faculty the data collected as compared to expected programmatic rigor (annually).
  9. Identify and implement curricular and/or instructional changes needed to improve student learning (annually).
  10. Re-assess student learning at the next assessment cycle (longitudinally).
  11. Re-evaluate assessment processes to maintain effectiveness, efficiency, and programmatic improvement.