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Office of Assessment

Assessment Showcase & Awards

The Assessment Showcase & Awards event recognizes K-State programs with exemplary assessment processes and provides an opportunity for programs to share assessment best-practices.   

2015-2016 Award Recipients

New Student Services
Division of Student Life

New Student Services has an excellent set of learning outcomes and has assessed these outcomes on a consistent basis over a number of years.  In addition the department has organized their outcomes in such a way as to correlate with the K-State 2025 plan for the department and the Division of Student Life.  Student learning outcomes have been used successfully to document the success of programs and services, and the staff has utilized results to improve services to parents, students, prospective students, faculty, and staff at the university. 

Family Studies and Human Services
College of Human Ecology

The Family Studies and Human Services assessment process provides the program with meaningful data that has been used to identify successful achievement of expected learning and to address learning needs with curricular and instructional change.  The program has implemented of program improvement decisions, which are reassessed to confirm effectiveness.  Their assessment process uses internal and external evaluations of student achievement to triangulate qualities of learning associated with authentic demonstration in the field.  The program has effectively aligned their program assessments with undergraduate outcomes, providing a well-rounded picture of student learning.  There is consistent and thorough faculty/program reflection on the assessment process. 

Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology
Kansas State Polytechnic

The Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology program demonstrates a thorough assessment process that includes the collection of achievement benchmarks from various points in the curriculum. The program's analysis of student achievement data has been enhanced to disaggregate data by levels of achievement, providing a comprehensive picture of student learning across proficiencies.  The program's assessment process is designed with clear alignment of course-based learning/assessment. The program has worked hard to enhance faculty involvement in the assessment and analysis process, resulting in enhanced rigor of expectations as a result of longitudinal assessment findings.

Personal Financial Planning Master's Program
Graduate School/College of Human Ecology

The Personal Financial Planning Master's Program has a well-defined assessment plan with clearly described outcomes. Assessment measures clearly define levels of proficiency at five levels. Data has been collected and analyzed longitudinally looking at both the average and percentage reaching each level of achievement. Program faculty provide a thorough analysis of data and monitor programmatic changes.  

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Free and open to all K-State faculty and staff.  No registration required. 

Past Award Recipients