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Assessment of Student Learning

Undergraduate Assessment Reporting

Undergraduate programs are required to submit Annual Progress Reports on their assessment activities each year. This process began in 2004.  

Programs and units assess all or a portion of their SLOs on an annual basis. In the case where programs/units have a large number of SLOs, they can choose to assess portions of their SLOs on a two or three year repeated cycle.  

Dates Activity
June 1 - Oct. 15                                   

Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) reports for the prior academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring) are submitted using the PowerBI Assessment Dashboard. Major degree programs should also submit data on each of the university undergraduate learning outcomes.

Oct. 15 - Dec. 1

ASL Reports will be reviewed by the Office of Assessment and/or any reviewers assigned by the college.

Dec. 1 - Mar. 1

Programs can view and respond to feedback on their ASL Reports.


Contact assessment@ksu.edu to request access.

PDF Instructions

Learn how to submit your assessment report with this instructional PDF.  

Access the System
Access Power BI by signing in to K-State Webmail and then selecting Power BI from the apps list.  See detailed instructions
ASL Template and Example

Use these documents to guide the creation of a report that works for your program's needs. {You may submit in your accreditation format}

Power BI Direct Assessment Analysis Example

Let us help you create a direct assessment analysis report that meets your program's needs.  Contact us for more information.  

Assessment Tools