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Assessment of Student Learning

Office of Assessment
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Co-Curricular Assessment Reporting

Co-curricular programs are required to submit Annual Progress Reports on their assessment activities each year. Programs and units assess all or a portion of their outcomes on an annual basis.

Complete and Submit Your Assessment Report

Step 1: Complete Your Report

An overview of the assessment report is available, as well as an assessment report template.

Step 2: Submit Your Report

Assessment reports are submitted through PowerBI. See detailed instructions here.


Jan. 1 - Feb. 15Assessment reports for the prior year are prepared by each co-curricular unit.
February 15   
Assessment reports are due to the Office of Assessment.
Feb. 15 - April 1Assessment reports will be reviewed by the Office of Assessment and feedback will be provided.
April 1 - July 1Programs can view and respond to feedback on their assessment reports.