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Assessment of Student Learning

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Office of Assessment
Kansas State University
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2013 Institute Program, Handouts, Slides, and Videos

2013 Institute Program


Keynote Session

Degree Qualifications Profile, presented by Paul L. Gaston, Kent State University


Break-out Sessions     

Degree-Level Learning Outcomes: Who's Responsible?

Measuring Student Learning

What a Blooming Good Question!

Assessing Student Success: The Why, the What, and the How-To

General Education Assessment: How do other institutions handle this?

Best Practices in Assessing Learning that Occurs in Student Affairs Areas


Break-out Sessions

The Thread of Intentionality: The ELOs, Tuning, the DQP, and Assessment

Continual Improvement of Student Learning

Building, Assessing, and Advancing Foundational Skills: First-Year Seminars and General Education Outcomes

Authentic Assessments for Critical Thinking: An Overview of Strategies

Kansas Board of Regents: Foresight 2020's Expectations for Student Learning

Integrating the co-curricular units into the classroom


Break-out Sessions

Creating a strategic vision for implementing an assessment management or e-portfolio technology

Assessing Students Through Student Response Systems

Short Session: Rating Behavior: Have You Thought About Inter-rater Reliability

Short Session: The Utilization of the ETS Mathematics Major Field Test at Pittsburg State University

Computerizing a Test Using a Learning Management System

Ten years of an Award-winning Assessment Program at Neosho County Community College: One system for Course, Program, and General Education Assessment

Re-Designing Art's Assessment of Student Learning

For advisors: a student self-assessment