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Archives and Records Management

Records Management Training

In-person training is available upon request by contacting the University Records Manager.

The current offerings are:

  • Introduction to Records Management: Records Management 101
    • This course covers the basic information needed for records creators and designees. The course walks attendees through why records management is important, the University retention schedule, legal requirements, paper and electronic records, and concludes with an in depth discussion on how to identify records and the process on how to update the University retention schedule. 
  • Electronic Records Management and Shared Drive Clean-Up
    • This course covers the basics of cleaning up an office's shared drive. The course walks attendees through the process of how to identify what records are in the shared drive, who created them, retention requirements, and programs/software that will identify duplicate records and will clean up space for future use. 

Additional micro training sessions are available upon request or need.