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Alternative Service Committee

Committee Membership

Carol Marden, Counseling Services, Classified Employee, Chair
Janel Harder, Office of the Dean, Education, Classified Employee, Asst. Chair
Lois Schreiner, Animal Sciences and Industry, Classified Employee, Secretary
Paula Connors, Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, Classified Employee
Austin Daugherty, Telecommunications, Classified Employee

Carrie Fink, Registrar’s Office, Classified Employee
Kerry Jennings, Department of Housing and Dining, Classified Employee
Douglas Kraemer, Facilities Building Maintenance, Classified Employee
Melissa Linenberger, Office of Academic Personnel, Classified Employee, non-voting, Web Support
Hanna Manning, Vet Med, Classified Employee

Parrish Quick, Parking Services, Classified Employee
Cyreathia (Sam) Reyer, Hort., Forestry, and Rec. Resources, Classified Employee
Amy Schmitz, Division of Financial Services, Classified Employee
Marlene Walker, Salina, College of Technology and Aviation, Classified Employee
John Wolf, Animal Sciences and Industry, Classified Employee

Terri Wyrick, Facilities Services, Classified Employee
Cindy Bontrager, Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance, Ex-officio non-voting
Lori Goetsch, Dean of Libraries, Ex-officio non-voting
Gary Leitnaker, Assistant Vice President, Division of Human Resources, Ex-officio non-voting
Roger McBride, Division of Financial Services, Unclassified Employee, Ex-officio non-voting

Barb Nagel, Registrar’s Office, Unclassified Employee, Ex-officio non-voting
Jennyfer Owensby, Division of Communications and Marketing, Unclassified Employee, Ex-officio non-voting
Jennifer Gehrt, Director, Division of Human Resources, Ex-officio non-voting


The charge of this committee is to research and compile a plan for the possibility of classified employees to become University Support Staff. This committee has been formed to address the needs of classified employees relative to the state civil service system and in response to Senate Bill 21. If a plan is completed, it must be approved by Administration before being brought to the general classified employees for a majority vote with final approval from the Board of Regents.