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Ernie Minton at K-State Agronomy North FarmOur Future is Now

Photo by Dan Donnert

Kansas State University’s College of Agriculture is regarded as one of the best in the nation, if not the world. We have an exceptionally talented mix of faculty and students who choose to study with or work for us to explore the opportunities to grow and expand this diverse industry. Our enthusiasm, experience and expertise are sought after by private industry, trade associations and global partners to help examine and solve challenges that impact all of us – such as drought or food shortages. Indeed, it is humbling to lead an organization that touches so many lives, in so many ways.

I am excited to announce that in 2023 we are building upon this strong foundation with multiple new facilities and construction renovation projects. New construction includes two agronomy buildings (dubbed the Agronomy Research and Innovation Center), a modernized Animal Sciences arena (located by the Stanley Stout Center north of campus); and the Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation (found in the heart of K-State’s campus).

Near the new Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation on campus we will be renovating Call Hall and Weber Hall. Schellenberger Hall will be taken down. We are on an ambitious timeline with these projects, aiming to have them all completed and occupied by late summer 2026. See more details on page 6 of this magazine.

The vision of these projects is to further enable the College of Agriculture to recruit and retain world-class faculty and students. In turn, this teaching and learning will strengthen Kansas’ workforce – improving the skills and tools for the next generation of the agricultural industry – and of course, enhance the allure of attending Kansas State University.

Further, we believe that the results from this infrastructure project will help strengthen public and private collaborations throughout the industry, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, attract companies and jobs to Kansas, while concurrently expanding the state’s largest economic driver – agriculture.

This year’s issue of the AgReport includes information providing more detail on our construction projects, along with stories on our influence and impact on our students, and how we support research and extension efforts in the field.

Agriculture is truly an industry in which hope springs eternal. It is all about growth, year over year ‒ and with our new building projects, we can see it happening for the college across this great campus of ours.

Ernie Minton's Signature

J. Ernest Minton

Eldon Gideon Dean, College of Agriculture

Director, K-State Research and Extension