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AgReport Winter 2020

Ernie Minton in Field on chair

Dear Friends,

In this issue of the AgReport, we’re focusing on the College of Agriculture’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. I hope you’ll read the stories within, showcasing a few examples of the work being done through the college and K-State Research and Extension to help meet society’s food needs today without compromising our children’s and grandchildren’s ability to meet their own needs in the future.

Like many of you, we subscribe to a holistic approach to sustainability. Creating a healthier environment, improving economic profitability, and ensuring equity within our communities and professions are all essential to having a long-term impact. I am proud of and encouraged by the advances being made by my colleagues, our alumni and friends in all these areas.

After all I’ve seen, I’m convinced this type of sustainability is key to many of the challenges we face in this state and around the globe, and I have no doubt that the work of our College of Agriculture family will continue to play an essential role in its success.

Ernie Minton, Dean