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AgReport Fall 2020

Ernie Minton in Field on chair

Dear Friends,

Working from my home office during the shutdown, I was constantly reminded of all the reasons I love my job and how much I missed being on campus. I imagine walking down crowded hallways packed with students and meeting face-to-face with colleagues and alumni. When everyone returns to campus, I will be very happy. When our parking lots are full, I’ll be thrilled even when I’m looking for a place to park. I’m even looking forward to wearing a tie on Fridays.

Although we weren’t in the same building or maybe even in the same ZIP code, I’ve constantly been reminded of the strength and goodness of our K-State family.

I’ve heard many stories of our alumni finding selfless and creative ways to keep their families, communities and businesses safer, more secure. I hear about our students missing being on campus, yet continuing to work hard and not lose sight of their goal to complete their education.

And, I see our faculty, staff and community leaders working tirelessly to discover and share solutions that address the needs of ag producers, businesses and industries across the state and around the world in ways that will sustain us through the pandemic and even help us come back stronger when it ends. In this issue of the AgReport, I want to introduce you to just a few of those individuals who have been leading these efforts today and throughout their careers.

To all K-Staters, I have faith that once again your talents, courage, sheer will and determination will lead the way in moving agriculture forward.

I am back at Waters Hall to plan and prepare for the opening of our labs and the return of our students. It’s quiet now, but I look forward to that changing soon.

Until then, stay strong,

Ernie Minton, Dean