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Agriculture Innovation Initiative: Focus on the Animal Sciences and Industry Department

"As the leader of the Animal Sciences and Industry department, I can say we’ve got exceptional faculty, great students, scientists, research, and Extension individuals. This initiative first is going to provide modern, cutting-edge facilities for us to do our jobs." - Dr. Mike Day, Department Head of Animal Sciences and Industry

The Agriculture Innovation Initiative includes exciting new facilities and upgrades for students, faculty, and industry partners. These modifications will not only bring physical upgrades but will also bring a renewed external commitment to the College of Agriculture and the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.

These investments will help us continue to attract top students and retain industry-leading faculty and researchers. In turn, this helps K-State ASI graduates continue to be prepared to integrate immediately into the workforce and trained with the latest equipment.

    • New 5,000-square-foot indoor arena
    • Temperature-controlled environment for year-round use
    • Indoor wash rack facilities
    • VIP and meeting space
    • Venue for livestock and equine education and events, including rodeo, livestock judging, 4-H Sweepstakes, and FFA Career Development Events
    • Updated meat lab
    • New learning pavilion
    • Upgraded and accessible classrooms and learning spaces
    • Student collaboration space
    • Renovated dairy processing plant
    • Modernized research labs
    • New building to connect Weber and Call Halls
    • New dairy bar
    • Shared space to bring together animal science, food science and grain science
    • Modernized, hands-on learning experiences with the new labs and spaces
    • Allocation of 30% of space for on-site collaboration between public resources and private enterprises, fostering an interdisciplinary environment for effective problem-solving

"We’re still K-State, and I hope everybody understands that this isn’t a change at all. If anything, it’s a renewed commitment to everything we’ve ever been, and that’s what’s exciting to me." - Chris Mullinix, Advanced Instructor in Animal Sciences and Industry


Agriculture Innovation Initiative: Focus on the Animal Sciences and Industry Department


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